Membership/Booking Conditions


Initial payment made when signing up, billed monthly thereafter. Unlimited membership billed weekly.

Priority booking:

Premium members can book up to 3 sessions, 3 days in advance. Unlimited members can book up to 2 hours per day, 7 days in advance.

Rolled over hours:

Standard and Premium membership holders may roll unused hours into the next week, within the same month. Unused hours may not be rolled into a new month.

Guest passes:

Members may not use guest passes as extra hours. Guest passes are to be used alongside a member booking (member must be present).

Please note: 4 people per bay still applies.

Attending with non-members:

Members are advised, if they wish to attend with non-members, a booking will need to be made to reflect this. E.g., 4 players for 2 hours with 1 member and 3 non-members will require a booking for 3 people for 2 hours. Members can attend with the group and appropriate hours will be deducted from their membership on arrival.

Please note: 4 people per bay still applies.

Upgrades or adding U16's:

U16's added are limited to 5 hours per week/per child.

Rolling memberships:

Rolling memberships are reviewed every 12 months.

Unlimited memberships:

Max 2 x 1 hour slots per day.

Cancelling your membership:

Please contact SWING with at least one weeks' notice to cancel your membership.


Phone: 091 388 655